Building Investment Portfolios

Tribeca uses financial science combined with sophisticated modeling to create an array of investment options to meet your changing needs.

Tribeca constructs investment portfolios based on sound financial science developed by Nobel Laureates and leading academics. More importantly, our portfolios deliver superior real-world performance while minimizing taxes and transaction costs.

Equity Investment Approach

  • Provide true global diversification to obtain asset class performance and reduce risk
  • Offer superior long-term growth with an emphasis on small company and value stocks

Fixed Income Investment Approach

  • Adding fixed income reduces overall portfolio risk and volatility
  • Risk is reduced by focusing on higher quality, shorter duration instruments, which have less correlation with equities

Bringing Financial Science to Your Portfolio

Tribeca’s Five-Factor Protocol

Three Equity Factors

Market: Stocks have higher expected returns than fixed income.
Size: Small company stocks have higher expected returns than large company stocks.
Value/Growth: Lower-priced “value” stocks have higher expected returns than higher-priced “growth” stocks.

Two Fixed Income Factors

Maturity: Longer-term instruments are riskier than shorter-term instruments without a commensurate increase in expected return.
Default: Instruments of lower credit quality are riskier than instruments of higher credit quality without a commensurate increase in expected return.

Leads to…

Tribeca’s Investment Portfolios

Tribeca’s portfolio modeling combines classes of assets together to reduce risk and increase expected return.